Our physicians diagnose & treat a variety of foot & ankle conditions!

Achilles Tendonitis Allergic Reactions Ankle Injuries
Arthritis Athlete’s Foot Brachymetatarsia
Calluses & Corns Deformities Diabetic Foot Care
Dislocations Fallen Arches or Flatfoot Foot Fractures
Ganglions Haglund’s Deformity Hallux Limitus
Infections Metatarsalgia Plantar Fascilitis
Posterior Tibial Dysfunction Running Injuries Sesamoiditis
Skin Cancer Sprains & Strains Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
Tendonitis Tumors Ingrown nails
Wounds & Wound Care Xerosis …and more

Surgical Options

Our office handles most ailments within a clinical setting, either using various treatment regimens or performing procedures in the office using localized numbing techniques. However, some foot and ankle problems require surgical correction once other treatments have been exhausted. In this case, our office guides you through scheduling your surgery at one of our highly trusted outpatient surgical facilities; then we follow your recovery closely through post-operative appointments. When you entrust us with your surgical care, we take pride in ensuring minimal discomfort and optimal results.

Custom Orthotics

We also specialize in custom foot orthotics that can decrease pain, improve foot position and change how your foot functions during everyday activities. Custom orthotics work extremely well for people who work on their feet or are active. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our services.

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